Manage your to-do list!

Do you find that every time you check something off your list, three or more things are added? The whole process really can be overwhelming.

Here are 5 key tips to effectively manage your to do list!

1. Take a minute! Step back, focus on your breathing only and take a break! Get away from the screen!
2. Write it down! Have you gotten all your tasks written down, and I do mean all of them!
3. Prioritise tasks! Figure out what needs to be done today and what can wait until tomorrow. If you think all tasks are your priority then focus on the bigger tasks first.
4. Avoid burnout and don’t overdo it! Too many tasks in one day is a sure way to cause burnout.
5. Give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve been doing amazing work even if you don’t see.

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File Management Tips

Feeling overwhelmed by your computer files? Here are Niamh’s top tips for staying on top of things! 

1. Add dates to your files – finding files is easier when there is a date beside it. It can also act as a reminder of when you last did a certain task!

2. File clean-up once a month! Rename your files and get them into their right folders. Doing this once a month can really help you keep on top of all your files.

3. Create archive folders – once a month is done or a year if you would prefer to put it away! Call the folder archive and put it in there. You do not need to see the file anymore, but you do need to keep it.

4. The most important tip of them all, do not create too many folders where you can’t find things! The idea of filing is to help you stay on top of your work not cause hassle.

5. Now that your files are looking in better shape, why not tackle your inbox next? Download Niamh’s guide to cleaning up your inbox here.

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Manage Your Inbox

Personally, I have to have an organised inbox, it brings me comfort that I can find anything at the click of a button. Managing your email inbox is hard! Especially when you’re getting so many on a daily basis. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your inbox.

1. Hit that delete button! We all love a thank you email, but it does not have to sit in your inbox when it’s taking up space!

2. Unsubscribe from unwanted subscription emails! I do not need to know when the likes of Buzzfeed is launching a new quiz, and I don’t think you do either.

3. Use those file folders! They come in handy when you need quick access to certain things. In my inbox you will see things like a folder for expenses and a folder for wanted subscriptions.

It is not an easy task to manage your inbox, Rome wasn’t built in a day and cleaning up your inbox is the same. But I hope these tips help you get the process started. You can find some additional tips on cleaning up your inbox here.

How do you keep on top of your inbox?

The Secret to Staying Organised

The secret to being organised…..

…..create a system that works for you!

Being organised does not have one universal method, there are so many different methods out there. Choose one you like, play around with it and see how it feels. Currently, I’m trying time blocking.

Organisation is about being productive, not about getting everything done in one day!

Why not start with organising your inbox? Get my four week guide to help you manage and get in control of your inbox here.

Niamh Mackey
Meet Niamh!

After helping many friends organise and run their own creative businesses, a common theme I discovered was the lack of time for organisation. I recognised that certain aspects of the business was suffering, and it was easily fixed – so Key Assistant was born!